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Barbarian CMS - custom CMS platform

Barbarian CMS is a powerful PHP based custom content management system.

Website fully customized for mobile (AMP) and desktop.

Specialist for Next-Generation Publishing Platform and large & midsize Portals. Great worker with large bases.

Special attention is paid to security, speed, SEO and marketing.

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Barbarian CMS - custom CMS platform

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Main characteristics

How it works

This is not universal solution. That's why it's custom. It do not have all posible options, we cut all unnecessary things because we want to delivery to you a project that works and have extra benefit for the client. Based on design we create content menager, clean and simply.

Main Advantages::

  • It is made to enable fast work even with very complex databases!
  • We can quickly adapt it to your business needs
  • Increases productivity by significantly accelerating employee work
  • It is easy to use
  • It offers the highest level of data protection and security
  • It's mobile - you can use it wherever you are
  • It is always possible to upgrade it in accordance with new business needs
  • Valuable Integrations: CRM, ERP, ecommerce, social networks, marketing automation software

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Some features Out of the box

Articles with the ability to add a large range of multimedia
Creating and managing events
Organizing a calendar
Webshop / Ecommerce
Fully integrate Forum
Complete Social Networks integration

Developing process